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Greeners® One Low-E Glass

Greeners® One is a range of good solar control performance on-line coated glasses which material supplied by the world famous glass maker Pilkington (Pilkington / NSG Group) Corporation, processing in Taiwan, offering low solar heat coefficient gain, low reflectivity, reduced glare and low emissivity.

Greeners® One product can be used in single or double glazing applications, it provided that the coating faces the interior of the building. They make available of attractive solutions to various applications where good light transmittance with enhanced solar control performance is required.


Good solar control performance with low- emissivity, reducing the need for heating and cooling the building


Medium light transmittance and low light reflectance for undistorted, natural views


Improved thermal insulation performance when combined in an insulating glass unit with a low-emissivity glass


Can be laminated, toughened, bent and enameled using standard techniques


Can be used in monolithic form or incorporated in insulating glass units


Colour stability whether toughened or annealed


Available in a range of colors (Clear, Blue-Green, EverGreen, Grey, Arctic Blue)


All colors available in 6mm and in 8mm thicknesses

Worldwide Project

Air Apartments, Adelaide, Australia

LiJiang residential Apartment, New Taipei City

Bali Water Front Restaurant, New Taipei City

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