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Pyrobel® Fire Resistant Glass

Pyrobel® is a multi-laminated glass assembled with clear intumescent interlayers. The special multi-intumescent offers outstanding fire protection with limited temperature rise as well as excellent acoustical qualities. Pyrobel® glasses fulfill both integrity & insulation criteria (BS 476 Part 22:1987) for duration of 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes as well as CNS certification.

High Fire Resistant

The intumescent interlayer in Pyrobel® expand at around 120°C transforming into a rigid and opaque shield, which offers maximum protection for escape way and property. Even under the 900 ~ 1000 ℃ fire, non-explosive fire surface of the glass still within an hour, maintained at less than 140 ℃; therefore, close area or asylum channels still can controlled at below 50 ℃.


Excellent Sound reduction

Higher level than traditional laminated glass.


Extra Safety

Pyrobel® Safety rated from 3B3 to 1B1 (EN 12600) can be reinforced into anti-bandit, anti-burglar and bulletproof versions. It is possible to combine Pyrobel with accident prevention and anti-burglary functions.


Clear and transparent vision

Pyrobel® achieve clear and transparent vision of large Class A fire doors and glass windows without steel mesh. General A fire door system using steel, fully enclosed combination, can not condition the other perspective, there are problems with visual impairments.

The interlayers expand at around 120°C and transform into a rigid and opaque shield.

Use Code:

  • Protect from weather Conditions From +40℃ to - 20℃

  • To be stocked vertically, fully supported

  • Do not install with damaged tape! Do not against water!

  • Handle properly

  • Do not tilt

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