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High Quality Lime

High Quality Lime is the raw material of Graphenstone’s products

The Graphenstone products use lime which is made in wood burning kilns, which results in a lime with high whiteness and purity. This natural lime, has been produced in this way since the midnineteenth century.

Furthermore, the lime cycle is 100% natural, from the wood that’s used to feed the oven, through the firing, to the collection.


Artisanal Lime







Graphene Inside

Graphene based innovation: increased strength, homogeneity, conductivity and flexibility

The graphene fibres provide the coatings and paints of Graphenstone with innovative qualities: thermal conductivity, greater toughness, flexibility, strength and uniformity. This nanotechnology compound acts as a structural support mesh at the molecular level, which translates into greater durability and therefore lower maintenance and more significant savings.

We use this technology to achieve more efficient materials that meet the requirements of a highly demanding market committed to new and more sustainable manufacturing methodology.


200x stronger than structural steel


Up to 20% flexibility without damage.


1000x more conductive than copper.


Scientifically proven high thermal conductivity.


Tradition, innovation and technology are the perfect ingredients

Lime and graphene combined form the ultimate ecological, natural coatings and paints in the world. This is why the Graphenstone products have great performance and covering properties. Thanks to their flexibility the coatings does not crack or flake off. It also contributes to energy savings due to its great reflective power. Moreover, thanks to its mineral character it reduces the reverberance of the sound.

We design and manufacture with respect for the environment, the circular economy and energy efficiency; this is the reason why our products fit perfectly in Green or Eco Buildings, Passive Houses, and Smart Cities.

Create a healthier home

Graphenstone is the ultimate ecological range of products, composed of natural elements that purify the air we breathe inside our homes. It is suitable for people suffering from chemical intolerance, recommended for indoor enclosures, hospitals, nurseries, geriatrics, hotels, environments or rooms for infants and children.

The health benefits resulting from the use of Graphenstone materials for individuals living in eco- sustainable homes are: Improves air quality of indoor environments, Limits pathogens derived from sick building syndrome (sBs), Prevents mould growth, fungi and bacteria, Guarantees safe domestic environments and Increases comfort and quality of life.

Awards & Certifications

Innovation, sustainability, architecture and construction

The recognition of Graphenstone’s work has been awarded around the world in categories such as: Innovation, Construction, Environment or Product Design.

Graphenstone is quality and certifications

At Graphenstone we are committed to the environment which is why we produce natural materials. Among our values are ecology, nature, sustainability and respect for the environment. Our products meet the principles of a circular economy. Our DNA is to be an innovator and creator of ecological and respectful products for the people and the environment. Ultimately, we want the construction sector to serve humans and not the opposite way around.

Our philosophy: acting as a benchmark for other companies, complying with the requirements of green building through economic activity. Because for us, innovation and sustainability go hand in hand.

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